Two new Honorary Fellows

Whilst recently attending the ANZCN conference in Queenstown, past president of the Society of Notaries of England and Wales Michael Lightowler was appointed an Honorary Fellow of The Australian & New Zealand College of Notaries. Michael was congratulated on his contribution to upholding the excellent relationship which exists between the Society and the College. Michael has presented at several College conferences and served as an expert panellist. Michael expressed his sincere thanks for the honour and looked forward to a further deepening of relations with the College in the coming years.

Pictured above: Mr. Michael Lightowler, Past President of the English Society of Notaries (centre), Chairman of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries, Joseph Lukaitis (right) and Mr. Paul Cariss, Company Secretary of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries (left)

Pictured above: Mr. Nigel Ready

Nigel Ready the current editor of Brooke’s Notary and a past president of the English Society of Scrivener Notaries was also appointed an Honorary Fellow at the conference dinner. Nigel’s contribution to the common law notariat is well known through his editorship of Brooke’s Notary. He has twice presented at College functions in New Zealand and has provided wise counsel on notarial matters to the College Board of Governors.